We make Dreams a Reality thru Writing

During his tenure, Dr. Jason Patanjo realized that there is an educational need for people to better prepare themselves for the next chapter of life after receiving higher education. As a former Health and Life Skills educator, this need lead him to educate students on how to prepare resumes and practice best behaviors during job interviews. This need for proper behavior and writing is necessary for individuals to become productive members of society.

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Dreality writing wants to help you make your “dreams become reality” by helping you to get the interview. We can’t guarantee that you will get the job, but we can help you get noticed through personal branding.
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The English language can be very tough to grasp; whether, it is someone who is speaking English as a second language or someone who just couldn’t follow the rules of grammar for comprehension.
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When people get out of college, life has a tendency to happen. We make plans to create a life for ourselves and then life has a way of changing that plan that we have created.
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paper editing

College students need to write papers week after week while in college. During college, Dr. Jason had written up to 1,000 papers not including his dissertation which he needed assistance from time to time to complete.
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ghost writer

College students, authors and art professionals have one thing in common, a lack of time to create their content. A ghost writer is the necessary key to provide the time that the creative-type individuals need to more important things for themselves.
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Check out the latest information about what is next for job hunting as Millennials and Generation Z start to seek higher education and career growth.



“Recently, Dr. Jason helped me with updating my resume. He translated my military experience into civilian terms. From start to finish, Jason was friendly, professional and committed to my success. Not only did he help me with my resume but also gave me great tips on how to handle the interview process. What to do afterwards and how to write a professional email. Jason will be someone that I reach out to for advice and guidance throughout my career!”Sara H., Altamonte Springs, Florida