About Jason Patanjo

During his tenure, Dr. Jason Patanjo realized that there is a need for people to understand how to prepare resumes and the best behaviors to display during job interviews. As a former health and life skills teacher, he educated thousands of students on proper resumes and how to prepare themselves for the next step in their lives. The need for proper behavior and writing is necessary for individuals to become a productive member of society.

Dr. Jason received his Associates degree in Office Technologies and Paralegal Studies from Briarcliffe College, while he was interning in the First District Court in Hempstead, New York. Meanwhile, working as a supervisor for Costco Wholesale, Dr. Jason attended Hofstra University in Hempstead to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with Pre-law and Community Health Minors. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, he continued on to receive his Master’s degree in Health Education and obtain his professional teaching license within the State of New York. Dr. Jason moved to Central Florida and took a position as a teacher for the School District of Osceola County; meanwhile, receiving his professional teaching license from the State of Florida. Currently, he holds a professional teaching license within the States of Florida, New Jersey and New York.

Dr. Jason received his Doctorate of Health Care Administration from the University of Phoenix in which he gained leadership knowledge along with understanding of hiring employees and what human resource interviewers would look for in proper candidates. While Dr. Jason was educating students about proper resumes and interview behaviors, he longed to open Dreality writing to help his community gain a better way of advancing their careers.

Dr. Jason lives in Winter Springs, Florida and has a passion for helping others succeed in life. Through this passion, he works tirelessly to improve the lifestyle of all that he touches. Dr. Jason is currently pioneering programs to help the homeless get back to work and try to assist them get their lives back on track.



I have written many resumes and it is not a daunting task. However, keywords that technology can be the issue with trying to get the interview. That is the part that takes skill and guidance
One of the most nerve wracking things a person can do is go through the interview process. The issue that people have when going to an interview is they get so nervous that they make mistakes. It is okay to be nervous, but you have to calm down and find a slow pace to get through it. Confidence is key and most interviewers are looking for that confidence.
I can’t tell you how many times, I have seen people dress poorly for an interview and then wonder why they didn’t get the job. Even if the job is in a fast-food restaurant, you still have to impress the person interviewing you. They want to be sure that you want to be there and that you will help the institution make profits.
Many students in all educational levels find themselves with little time to work on their necessary papers for classes. Having a full-time school schedule, study schedule and possible work schedule can be tough to juggle. However, it is possible to manage everything in your life for the purpose of success. No one ever said that it was easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to consume your life either.
Speaking a foreign language can be very tough. However, it is not impossible when you are determined to speak it. If you take the time to learn and speak with other fluent speakers, the language will come to you. However, it takes work and determination to get the basics down then build on those basics.